The Cognitive Development Center at CEU is pleased to announce the 10th annual BCCCD meeting in Budapest, Hungary (BCCCD20, January 9-11, 2020).

We welcome symposium, paper, and poster submissions reporting studies from all fields of cognitive development. Previous BCCCD meetings featured a wide range of topics, such as communication, pragmatics, social cognition, conceptual development, language acquisition, numeracy, object cognition, perceptual learning, inductive learning, memory, executive function, metacognition, the cognitive bases of culture, and comparative cognition.

BCCCD20 will take place in the main CEU campus in downtown Budapest.

The regular conference will be preceded by a 10-year Anniversary Workshop to celebrate the establishment of the Cognitive Development Center at CEU in 2010. This pre-conference workshop will be open to participants of BCCCD20 for a small additional fee.

While CEU has been facing the challenge of relocating most of its operations to another city, we would like to reassure all prospective participants that both the conference and the pre-conference workshop will take place in the Budapest campus of CEU.

Paula Fischer and Barbu Revencu
Conference chairs

Invited Speakers

Susan Carey
Harvard University

Susan Gelman
University of Michigan

Michael Tomasello
Duke University